White Towers Swimming Pool

998 East Larkspur Drive
(10384 South)

White City, UT  84094

    Established in 1961, White Towers used to be a member-only pool. However after many years of serving only White City, the pool opened up to the public to serve the whole community. We are a family-oriented facility which is ran by a board and members. But we are always open to suggestions from anyone. Also, we are not-for-profit, which means that all our profits go directly to running and maintaining the pool! Because of this, all of our staff (from snack bar workers to maintenance) are volunteers. And we love them!
   We really do appreciate everyone who supports the pool. We go through everything we do to stay open because we know what summer is all about and that's having fun at the pool. So come on down! We hope to see you there!
Because we've been having fun since '61!