White Towers Swimming Pool

998 East Larkspur Drive
(10384 South)

Sandy, UT  84094

Indoor pavilion w/ games, refrigerator, and TV
Membership: includes extended family up to 20 people, each additional person is $5 
for the entire summer (immediate family, their spouses, grandchildren, etc..)
$225- voting rights, and 10 hrs a month snack bar obligation

Family Pass: up to eight (8) immediate family members living in one household, no extended family
$300- Summer ($200 after July 1st, $100 after August 1st)
$100 - Monthly
$45 - Weekly

Individual Pass:
$90 - Summer

Daily Admission:
$4 - All ages
*admission is free for those not swimming

$200* - FACILITY RENTAL (available after hours and on Sunday)
private 2-hr use of the pool, pavilion (enclosed), and BBQ grills,
pool admission fees are waived, $75 for each additional hour.
For more than 30 guests swimming there is an additional charge
of $4 per extra swimmer.  lifeguard is available for an additional fee.

*There is an $50 refundable deposit for any damages/clean-up